Sunday, October 21, 2007

WE have to ACT

Attention everybody,
Cases of Forest department in high court are failing miserably. We had a good advocate, Mrs.Susheela Bhatt at the UDF ministry.
LDF changed her and appoint Mr. Renji Thamban, s/o Meenakshi Thampan as new govt. pleader. After that, we failed 5 cases continuesly.
In each case, government losses huge amount.
Hope, CPI has special interest in Renji Thampan's post. But We should not allow them to fail anymore case as done before.

All readers, send an SMS to Binoy Vishwam (9447788400) to change the present Govt. Pleeder and appoint Susheela Bhatt.
Thank You

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vithu said...

".....TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE.........."