Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dear Friend,

                This is an E-mail Campaign for Declaring the NATIONAL BAN on the KILLER Pesticide ENDOSULFAN. Please send the below given matter as EMAIL to the following official IDs of Central Govt by adding your Name and Address.

Central Ministry of Environment and Forests  -    


I am very much concerned about continued Endosulfan use in India. Despite being a poison and having caused many human sufferings and irreparable ecological damage this chemical is still sold and used in our country.Endosulfan which has been banned across 74 countries in all the continents after elaborate studies.In our own country Kerala and Karnataka have banned this chemical after finding health and environment damages.

  I am requesting the government of India to bring a nation wide ban on Endosulfan, a killer Pesticide. Also, we would like the Ministry of Environment & Forests to support the International Ban on Endosulfan in the upcoming Stockholm Convention. This would phase out the chemical globally.UNEP science panel Persistent Organic Pollutant Review Committee after three year deliberations finally recomended the pesticide Endosulfan for global ban and listing in Annex A of the Stockholm Convention. I personally feel your ministry will not succumb to the pressure of corporate lobby, as the chemical corporations are much worried about their profit than the safety of farm workers and consumers. Also, we as responsible citizens would be keenly watching the stand and proceedings both nationally and internationally till this toxic is phased out. 




Please send maximum number of complaints to the President of India to BAN ENDOSULFAN, through the website.


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